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Time and Place Extended

Time and Place Extended is a dynamic office assignment system intended for offices implementing "hoteling" It is currently in place in over four dozen offices of all five of the "Big Five" Accounting Firms.

'Hoteling' is one of the most significant trends in facilities management for professional service firms such as accountants, and consultants. It is one of a collection of cutting edge strategies under the banner of 'alternate officing'. In most of these strategies assigned private offices are rare and in many there are significantly fewer offices than employees. Hoteling refers to a process where a shared pool of offices are reserved and assigned on an as needed basis. Our experience with many different offices of various sizes, compositions, practice types, and firms has given us considerable exposure to what makes hoteling successful for professional firms.

Employees who are the most suitable participants in hoteling are frequently out of the office. They undoubtedly have frequent exposure to travel related companies (airlines, auto-rental companies, travel agents, and 'real' hotels like Sheraton, Hilton, and Marriott). these form a firm and consistent model of what constitutes high service quality. If they do not get a similar experience when they need an office they will perceive the entire hoteling process as a poorly managed joke and begin, one way or another, to avoid it. Our goal with Time and Place Extended is to have an office reservation system that allows the facility manager to respond with this same level of service.

For more information on Full Service Hoteling and the characteristics of highly successful hoteling sites see 10 Keys to Hoteling Success.

For Detailed Information on Time and Place Extended see the Time and Place Extended Technical Summary.

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